I’m Charlotte Naylor Davis. I write about the bible for a living. I’m one half of the arts/theology bursary, the artist is Phill Hopkins. I am going to be writing my thoughts here for a while.

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The Last Homely House

I have once again been considering what my home is, what our homes are, to us and have come round to the phrase ‘home church’. This is my musings on that. People use the phrase ‘home church’ for a reason. “Where is your home church?” they ask. Because the concept is that there is someContinue reading “The Last Homely House”

St(art)ing in a Crisis

We started the arts/theology bursary on March 15th. We had met together, Phill and I, and chatted and been enthused and excited and all the right things. I was going to read and think. I was going to write something deep for the first post about why I wanted to do this. I was goingContinue reading “St(art)ing in a Crisis”

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