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Tiny Intro to our name before we go further

When we first got together to talk about this project (something that only happened once so far) Phill and I both had similar concerns and these coalesced in the image of a home/house. But they weren’t about housing as such. We didn’t want to create something at the end of this that was didactic. Our desire rather was to focus on how we could create tools for people in Leeds to think about the main focusses of Leeds Church Institute.

These issues of faith, locality, the environment are important but we didn’t want to pick one and just look at that – we want to create something that helps people think, helps them have the hard conversations, helps bridge gaps.

We therefore settled on thinking about ‘tools’.

And I shall write more about various tools we can use to investigate issues later.

But we came down to the idea of a ‘House of Questions’ because we were thinking about what a church should be and what home should be and what we could offer/create that might be helpful.


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