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This is my tattoo. It will have to do until I get a good pic of my face. But honestly, the tattoo tells you more about me than me face anyway.

Arts/Theology Bursary?

My name is Dr Charlotte Naylor Davis. Phill Hopkins ( and I have been awarded a bursary from Leeds Church Institute to create a piece of pubic art/theology together over six months.The project is one of experimentation – how can artists and theologians work together? How can they help people tackle important faith issues? Can two people who don’t know each other before it starts get along at all?!

You can read more about it here

I am a biblical scholar by day and a crime fighting hero by night….no, sorry, I am a biblical scholar with a PhD in Bible transaltion and interpretation, who was a youth and community minster for many years before going to university. I have quite a lot of research interests, particularly some really nerdy ones about conjunctions in new testament Greek, but I mainly write about how the Bible has been used and interpreted over history. I have published on heavy metal and the Bible, and feminist critical thinking, and sci fi. I am usually found asking the question “how did we end up thinking the bible said that?”

I have always done community and church work alongside my studies, until I got sick. I have ME/CFS which means I am exhausted all the time (i will explain that better in a post at somepoint I am sure). It has made my life rather small in recent years, and a lot of the ways I could serve the community have been shut off from me. So this bursary for me is partly an experiment in re-engagement with the community of faith – how can my skills and abilities be of use again?

I hope you enjoy us finding out how all this works.

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