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The Women Bear Witness

‘THE WOMEN BEAR WITNESS’ an easter reflection  this year, at a moment when the world has been stirred again by the clear and present violence against women, against non-white people, against the disabled I want to look at what those women in the gospels did over easter weekend. Recently I have had a lot ofContinue reading “The Women Bear Witness”


A small note on the privilege of questioning

In our lives we may wish to debate many things, and for those of us who love a good debate it can seem like a fun. There are theological conundrums to work out, political stand points to push to the nth degree to see if they work, philosphical dilemmas to ponder. But we must alwaysContinue reading “A small note on the privilege of questioning”

Pt 3: tools for ourselves and when we talk to others

We need tools if we are going to take our own queries about God and the Bible seriously, but even more so if we are going to take the challenges of others seriously, and in both those scenarios we need tools to so that we can face these things with compassion. There are a fewContinue reading “Pt 3: tools for ourselves and when we talk to others”

Allowing questions pt 2 : defending ourselves.

Theology and Ideals can get in the way of good communication – with God and with others. This is something we have seen in recent cultural developments – particularly discourse around ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the addressing of issues such as racism and sexism within the church. We see people defend church or systems beforeContinue reading “Allowing questions pt 2 : defending ourselves.”

Allowing Questions Pt 1: questioning God and ourselves.

My last post talked about the tension of questioning God. If we are lucky we have grown up in a spiritual situation that allowed us to question faith with security – to know that questions are the heart of seeking God. But often we come unstuck when someone questions us. We question ourselves all theContinue reading “Allowing Questions Pt 1: questioning God and ourselves.”

Tiny Intro to our name before we go further

When we first got together to talk about this project (something that only happened once so far) Phill and I both had similar concerns and these coalesced in the image of a home/house. But they weren’t about housing as such. We didn’t want to create something at the end of this that was didactic. OurContinue reading “Tiny Intro to our name before we go further”